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Art and Portrait Services with a Personal Twist

Who We Are

Agape love is the example we must live from. Because we must first chose to love; for others to reciprocate and follow suit

I Consider myself an Artist; in every respect of the word. Exploring new territories, ideas and stretching my boundaries and skills. I centre all I do on what I love: Art, Architecture, design, people & God. Watercolour is my favourite medium though I have a wide skill set, and the use of unusual mediums such as tea, wood and others is something that interests

me and allows my work to translate my ideas and thoughts fully. Three dimensional form is another aspect I have also began to explore specifically though my architectural work. As I feel that creating tactile work adds a new dimension or layer to the understanding of my art. Expression and emotion, characteristics, which contribute to my love for art, are intrinsic to my

identity and fuels my work. As an artist I aim to capture, narrate and translate my surroundings and understanding. Pulling from all of these to create pieces that both pull on emotions and feelings, as well as explore various subjects. As a portrait artist I incorporate my own unique style into each portrait, bringing the best and highest quality of service.

Nyiza Nyimbili understands that art is about relation, and the best portraits come out of a great relationship with the client,



A strong hand breaks the barrier, but a strong mind teaches the way in which to go.


I firstly am inspired by what i experience, the artists around me and people. This includes other disciplines such as Fashion, Architecture and Music. Relation makes us human and that is why i love people, because with this you share more than the physical existence, but you experience Love, spirit and truth. My faith is intrinsic to me, and always inspires me as it takes me through this journey called life

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I am strongly influenced by my experiences, life lessons and milestones in the journey, while my childhood, in Zambia, as well as the UK also plays a part.

 “Be proud of where you are now; Not just where you have come from. Because like a plant that is uprooted and replanted elsewhere, eventually it begins to grow its roots there too.”

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I will always be a student. Learning, improving and growing each and every day. I aim to broaden my technical fine art skills, and develop my own established styles; while also qualifying as an Architect and gaining as many experiences and sharing them with people along the way. I am confident and ready, I have a hope and a future! [Jeremiah 29:11]

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